MTN Momo Agent Registration guide (2023)

MTN Momo agent registration process on A3 Techworld. A guide on how to become an MTN Momo agent in Nigeria. MTN Momo is essentially an abbreviation for MTN Mobile Money.

With MoMo Agents, it’s very easy to Send and Receive money anywhere in Nigeria. With a presence across all 774 local governments, the network of Momo agents is fully equipped to deliver banking services right to the doorsteps of millions of Nigerians.

How do MoMo agents get paid? There are many things you can do and earn commission as a MoMo agent: You can assist customers to send and receive money, pay utility bills, do card-less withdrawals, and sell data and airtime.

What is the benefit of the MoMo agent? MoMo services allow registered agents to perform transactions for customers. This service allows cash transfers to people who do not have a bank account. Simply put, Agents carry out cash withdrawals for customers without an ATM card or POS machines.

If you wish to learn how to become a Momo agent in Nigeria, or how to send and receive money using the MTN Momo agent, this guide will help. Below are some of the requirements needed to become an MTN momo agent in Nigeria:

  • First, you should have any current business or are eager to put resources into MTN Momo Agency banking.
  • You should have a Brick and Immovable retail shop. The umbrella foundation sort of area doesn’t fit the bill for the business.
  • Substantial means for identification, for example, International identification, Driver’s permit, National ID card, or Voter’s card.
  • One passport-sized photograph.
  • Least working capital of N20,000.
  • Filled and completed the MoMo Authentication Question form. You can get the form from any MTN office near your area.

How To Become An MTN Momo Agent in Nigeria

  1. The first thing to do is meet the requirements stated above.
  2. The next step is to visit the nearest MTN outlet and pick up the form. Fill up the form and submit your details to the body.
  3. You need to download the application form from the MTN MoMo Agent website at
  4. After this process is done, one of their field staff will contact you for a planned visit which will be carried out to ascertain your suitability.

To create a momo agent wallet using your mobile phone, follow to guide below.

  1. On your mobile phone with a valid MTN Sim, Dial *502#
  2. A prompt will ask you to approve your SIM Registration Details to be used to open your momo agent wallet.
  3. Select 1 to approve and continue with the process.

By dialing the momo agent USSD code on your MTN line, it converts your MTN Phone number into a MoMo wallet where you can store funds and you can also use it to send money, pay bills, buy airtime, etc.

How To Check Your MTN Momo Agent Account balance

You can easily check your MTN momo agent account balance from your phone using the momo agent USSD code. To check your momo agent account balance, follow the guide below.

  1. Dial *502#
  2. Select 5
  3. Enter your momo wallet pin

Your MoMo wallet account balance will be displayed on your phone screen, and also sent to you as an SMS.

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