How to migrate to Airtel smart connect plan (2023)

Learn how to activate or migrate to Airtel smart connect plan, on an old Aitel SIM, from Airtel smart talk, it is expected to work for both existing and new Airtel customers. This post shows how to enjoy Airtel SmartConnect for new subscribers.

SmartCONNECT is Airtel’s default bonus plan for prepaid customers which offers a 100% instant bonus on every data bundle plus an 8 times bonus on every recharge. Similar post: Complete list of all Airtel data plan USSD codes.

While Airtel smartconnect 6.0 is a prepaid plan that gives you 700% extra on all recharge of N100 and above, that is you will be able to get the smart Connect bonus on recharges of N100, N200, N500, and N1000. The smart connect bonus offer comes with a voice and data bonus for anyone who switched to this tariff plan and is also recharged.

Below is a quick guideline on how you can use the Airtel smart connect bonus

  1. Buy a new Airtel SIM Card.
  2. Get the SIM registered at any Airtel KYC registration point.
  3. Insert the SIM into your Smartphone.
  4. Recharge airtime on your new Airtel line by dialing *126*PIN#.
  5. Or purchase a data bundle
  6. And your Airtel smart connect is activated

Old customers can also enjoy this plan’s benefits by opting out of their current Airtel tariff plans.

What are the Benefits of Airtel Smart Connect?

With the brief summary above, I guess by now you should have been realizing the benefits of Airtel Smart Connect.

Great! But there’s still lots more you might not have thought of. And here are some. 

  • 8x bonus on every recharge.
  • 100% bonus on every data purchased.
  • 15Mb weekly free data on recharges from N200.
  • 7 Hours of night call between 11 pm and 6 am at 11k/sec.
  • Up to 90 days data validity period.
  • You can put in up to 10 family and friends’ mobile numbers and enjoy a N300 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharges of N200 and above.

Airtel Smart Connect Bonus table

Data Bundle costStandard ValueSmartconnect BonusTotal ValueValidity
5025MB25MB50MB1 Day
10075MB75MB150MB1 Day
200200MB200MB400MB3 Days
300350MB350MB700MB7 Days
500750MB750MB1.5GB14 Days
10001.5GB1.5GB3GB30 Days
15003GB3GB6GB30 Days
20004.5GB4.5GB9GB30 Days
25006GB6GB12GB30 Days
30008GB8GB16GB30 Days
400011GB11GB22GB30 Days

How to get 8X on every recharge on Airtel

To activate the Airtel smart Connect and get 8X on every recharge you make, simply get a new Airtel SIM and recharge it or activate a new data bundle plan.

How to Check Airtel Smart Connect Bonus

To check your bonus balance on Airtel Smart Connect, simply dial *123*1#, and a pop-up stating the bonus balance you have left will appear on your phone’s screen instantly. You can also dial *123*2# or *223# to check your bonus balance for both data and airtime.

How to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect on an old SIM

Simply dial *311# and reply with 1 in the dialogue box of the pop-up that displays to migrate to Airtel Smart Connect on an old Airtel SIM. 


  • Dial *121#
  • Reply with 5 (Billing & Tariff)
  • Reply with 1 (Smart Connect)
  • Done! You have successfully migrated to Airtel Smart Connect.

Airtel Smart Connect Call Rate

How much will Airtel SmartConnect charge for a sec of call?

  • 25 kobo per second (25k/sec) or 15 Naira per minute (₦15/min) From your main account.
  • 66.67 kobo per second (66.67k/sec) from your bonus account.

That simply means to all local networks in Nigeria, you can make calls at 25k/sec when charged from your main account and 66.67k/sec when charged from your bonus account on the Airtel Smart Connect tariff plan.

Now, how about you recharge N100 airtime, how long will the call last?

  • From main account 0.25 × 60 seconds = ₦15.00k
  • From Bonus account 66.67 × 60 seconds = ₦40.00k
  • Now, from the main account, 100/15 = 6 minutes 40 seconds.
  • From the bonus account, 300/40 = 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Therefore, with N100 airtime, you’ll get >> 6,40 + 7,30 = 14 minutes 10 seconds.

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