How to migrate to Airtel talk more using code (2023)

How to migrate to Airtel talk more using code (2023). By using Airtel talk more you are guaranteed 5x (500%) on all recharge which you can use to browse as well. Airtel Talk More Bundles are great value bundles that give 500% of the value of airtime to make calls and send SMS to all networks in Nigeria without restrictions. Similar post: Complete list of all Airtel data plan USSD codes.

How to migrate to Airtel talk more for free? You can purchase Airtel Talk more Bundles by dialing *234# to select your preferred Airtel Talk more denomination. You can also purchase Talkmore Bundles by dialing the direct code (e.g *234*100# for Talkmore_N100) or send keywords to shortcode 234 (e.g TM100 to 234 for Talkmore_N100).

Dial *234# to call up the Airtel TalkMore USSD menu and select your preferred bundle. Using the special TalkMore Direct Recharge Code *126*1*PIN# would give you respective TalkMore values.

If you want to check your Airtel Talk more balance and you don’t know what to do, Kindly dial *123*5# to view your remaining balance.

Bundle PriceValue ReceivedDirect Purchase CodeSMS Short CodeValidity
N60N300*234*60#Send TM60 to 23430 Days
N100N500*234*100#Send TM100 to 23430 Days
N150N750*234*150#Send TM150 to 23430 Days
N200N1,000*234*200#Send TM200 to 23430 Days
N250N1,250*234*250#Send TM250 to 23430 Days
N300N1,500*234*300#Send TM300 to 23430 Days
N500N2,500*234*500#Send TM500 to 23430 Days
N700N3,500*234*700#Send TM700 to 23430 Days
N1,000N5,000*234*1000#Send TM1000 to 23430 Days
N1,500N7,500*234*1500#Send TM1500 to 23430 Days
N3,000N15,000*234*30#Send TM3000 to 23430 Days

Migration codes for the Airtel Talk More bundle

Migrating to the Airtel TalkMore package is very easy and stress-free. All that you need to do is to dial *234# and choose your preferred package.

The following are the migration codes for the Airtel Talk More bundle.

  • *234*150# – You get N350 for data, SMS, and voice calls. It is valid for one day and its validity cannot be extended.
  • *234*250# – You get over N650 for data, SMS, and voice calls. It is also valid for a day but you can extend the validity to a period of three days.
  • *234*700# – You get over N2,100 for SMS, data, and phone calls. It is valid for 3 days and can be extended for a day. The Airtel TalkMore plan is a great way to get more from your phone recharges. To check your balance, simply dial *123*5#.

Airtel Talk More Bundle Summary

Airtel Talk More is a package on the Airtel network that allows customers to enjoy a whopping 500% bonus for making calls to all networks, sending text messages to family, friends, and all loved ones, and even browsing the internet at a cheap cost.

When I say “make calls to all networks”, I mean the 5X extra airtime you’re given can be used to make calls to all local networks including Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile. Also, you can use it to make international calls to countries like the USA, Canada, China, India, and the UK Landline.

The 500% bonus can also be used to browse the internet, chat on WhatsApp and Messenger, stream videos online, and even engage with content on social media.

The Airtel Talk More plan is available for both prepaid and postpaid customers. One thing I really like about the package is that the Airtel TalkMore bundle prices are flexible and can be purchased from as low as N60.

Why should you migrate to Airtel talk more plan?

  • Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to All Airtel customers (new and existing).
  • Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
  • You’ll get 5x the amount you recharge if you use the Airtel Talk More code.
  • You can use the bonus to make calls to all local networks.
  • You can also use the bonus to browse.
  • All TalkMore bundle is valid for 30 days.
  • Talk More bundle prices are cheap and affordable.

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