Jobs You Can Get With CCNA Certification in Nigeria

What jobs can you get with the CISCO Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification in Nigeria? Cisco Certified Network Associate is a widely respected IT credential. The material covered on the exam spans a broad range of networking concepts. It ensures that those who take the CCNA test are ready to work with today’s challenges.

 It’s essential not to make a mistake. For many, such certification is an entry ticket to the IT field. But what fresh specialists who have just finished their education can count on? We’ve compiled a list of CCNA entry-level jobs one may get in Nigeria.

Technical Support Engineer

Technical support engineers help both customers and internal staff members with computer-related difficulties. These specialists may take messages. They interact with clients in real-time, sort emails, or show how to use the equipment. What do they do in addition to submitting invoices to clients? Technical support experts may also troubleshoot issues. They provide workable remedies and record technical procedures.

Technical support engineers perform office equipment diagnostics at users’ request. After, they install and adjust workstations and servers. They also are responsible for the maintenance, adjustment, and repair of computers. You will also update software and administrate LANs and servers. Many consider this profession as the start of a career in IT. However, with due diligence, it can become an interesting profession for many years.

IT Security Specialist

An information technology security professional checks that the company’s computers are secure. They investigate and choose security measures, such as virus detection and prevention software. Specialists in information technology update systems. They build firewalls and limit access to private data. An IT security specialist ensures the integrity of digital data, preventing its loss or leakage. These people implement and support intrusion protection. They configure the network, prevent errors and possible bugs, and expand connection monitoring.

This position involves high risks and constant stress. Security specialists bear primary responsibility for security breaches. The technologies of hacking and methods of work of intruders are constantly changing. So IT security specialists have to engage in constant self-education. They follow the news in their field. Are you interested in this profession? Check out more advice on how to Learn Ethical Hacking in Nigeria.

NOC Engineer

IT companies are much more cognizant of the prerequisite to innovate and deliver resources that drive add-on business, and they need to travel at the speed of business, not the speed of outdated IT. Hence NOC engineering is no less important in the IT field.

A NOC (network operation center) engineer is an expert who primarily screens large computer networks and servers for hitches from a centralized location or through satellite. They analyze the problems, implement the troubleshooting, and incident reaction on the system, and communicate with field technicians for a better resolution to meet the business goals or objectives.

The core of NOC Engineers: Their responsibilities are wide. The expertise needed for a NOC or Network Operations Center includes network administration, Network Support, management, switching, and routing.

Telecom Engineer

A telecom engineer is next on the list of CCNA-certified jobs. A telecom engineer’s job is to ensure that an organization’s various communication channels are linked. They work with video, data, and voice systems. These professionals also configure networks, install hardware, and transport communication data. Engineers in the field of telecommunications may also replace or update outdated devices.

The telecommunications engineer provides access to the Internet for users. He “lays” fiber optic networks and provides IP telephony services. They are also responsible for the setup, operation, and monitoring of the network and its development. Such an engineer ensures the quality and reliable operation of systems.

Data Center Technician

Here is the list of jobs with CCNA certification on our list. Technicians at data centers are responsible for the upkeep of an organization’s servers. They set up and upgrade the servers, and troubleshoot any recurring problems. Also, such specialists run diagnostics to figure out what’s wrong. They replace broken components. Technicians should keep detailed records of their activities for further review.

The specialist’s responsibilities include using code and web architecture to design data systems. They analyze and maintain existing databases and introduce new user functions. The role of a data center technician is to make it as easy for database users to access the information they need. Another task is maintaining the information systems for the company’s future development.

The goal of the CCNA certification is to verify that you have a firm grasp of networking fundamentals. And that is often required in networking-related IT jobs. There are many jobs you can get with CCNA. If you are hungry for new knowledge and skills and want to work in the IT industry, use CCNA certification opportunities. We hope that our short list of careers will help you make the right choice.

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