Jaiz Bank USSD Code: Transfer, balance, account number (2023)

Jaiz Bank USSD code: Transfer, balance, account number (2023). In this post, you will learn the jaiz bank USSD code for transfer and lots of other banking features from Jaiz Bank, and how to activate your Jaiz bank mobile banking on your phone.

About Jaiz Bank: Jaiz bank is a non-interest bank operating under Islamic banking principles. It is the first non-interest bank established in Nigeria and is headquartered in Abuja, the capital city of the country.

What is the Jaiz Bank USSD code? The general Jaiz bank USSD code for performing transactions through your phone is *773*.

The Jaiz bank USSD code is an easy and convenient way that allows customers to recharge, transfer money, and check account numbers, or account balances on their mobile lines directly from their accounts with the Bank by merely dialing a short USSD code. This service only works with the phone number linked to your account.

TransactionsUSSD Codes
Check Balance*773# > select the option to check the balance
Transfer to Jaiz bank/others*773# > select the option to transfer the fund
Airtime Top-Up for Self*773*Amount#
Airtime Top-Up for Others*773# > select the option to buy airtime
Account Opening*773#
Pay Bills*773# > select the option to pay the bill
Retrieve BVN*565*0#

How to Activate Jaiz bank USSD Code

Now that you’ve known the Jaiz bank USSD codes for specific transactions, in order to use the codes, you’ll need to activate the *773# USSD code first.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the USSD code for Jaiz bank.

  • Using the phone number registered with your account, dial *773#.
  • Choose the debit card linked to your account, or select the “Create PIN” option. 
  • Fill in the required details and proceed.
  • Now, verify you’re the account owner and create your 4 digits PIN. 
  • Enter the PIN once again to confirm, and the registration is complete.

Once you’ve registered and activated the Jaiz bank USSD code, you can now perform any transactions using the general code or shortcode.

Airtime top-up USSD code for Jaiz Bank

How to buy Airtime on your phone directly from your Jaiz bank account – To enjoy the service, simply dial *773*Amount# e.g. Top-up your phone with N2,000, all you need to do is dial *773*2000#.

To Recharge For Others – Dial *773*Amount*Phone Number# e.g. Top-up a friend’s or family member’s phone with N2,000, all you need to do is dial *773*2000*08012345678#.

How to check your Jaiz Bank account balance

To your account balance, simply dial the Jaiz bank account balance inquiry code through the Jaiz USSD code – *773# then reply with 5 and reply appropriately again to select your account number. Proceed and enter your Jaiz transaction PIN to complete the process. Or Dial *773*0# to check your account balance instantly with your phone associated with your account.

JAIZ BANK PLC BIC / Swift code details

Swift code (8 characters)JAIZNGLA
Branch nameJAIZ BANK PLC
Branch CodeXXX

Jaiz bank USSD Code Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Whether you’re a new or old Jaiz bank account holder, and you’ve been dialing the USSD mobile banking code for Jaiz bank and it’s not working, below are some causes and how to fix them.

  • Bad Network Connection: when there is no or bad network coverage either from your end (mobile network providers) or from the bank’s network, you may get an error message after dialing the Jaiz bank USSD to perform any transactions. To fix this, you’ll need to wait for some time and try again.
  • You’re Not Yet Registered or Haven’t Activated the USSD Code: If you haven’t registered and activated the Jaiz bank USSD code with the phone number you registered your account with, the Jaiz bank USSD code may not work. To fix this, make sure you activate the Jaiz bank USSD code on your line.
  • You’re Dialing the USSD code on an unlinked/wrong phone number: If the SIM you registered your account number with is not used to dial the code, it may not work. To fix this, make sure you’re using the correct line.

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