If you’re looking for help understanding how to improve your YouTube channel and your interaction with the audience, here are some essential tips. As a TV broadcaster, your channel must have content posted constantly, have a defined programming schedule, and comply with all YouTube rules.

The first thing to be aware: if a video is classified incorrectly it will be not able to monetize or run ads. So, you should avoid any of the content below:

  • Nudity and sexually suggestive content 
  • Inappropriate language
  • Recreational drug or drug related
  • Violence
  • Hateful content
  • Tobacco related content
  • Firearms related content
  • Incendiary and demeaning

Now you understood the first rule, here are some good tips you should pay attention to and learn how to do video optimization to get a better ranking inside the YouTube platform.


Keywords related to hits or associated to an artist’s name are a good strategy to direct traffic to a channel. The inclusion of lyrics, tags, and good titles are very important for a better position on search results for YouTube.

End screen

It is possible to add up to four different cards at the end of a video. You can use these cards to drive traffic to the subscription bottom, videos, websites and playlists. Be mindful not to lead your viewer to interrupt his watching by adding end-cards before the completion of the video. Check the time frame to make the best use of the tool. 


They are the showcase where your client and audience will see your content. They are responsible for much of the intention to click on videos on youtube, and a good video thumbnail can make the difference between a video with average performance and excellent performance.

Also, for your channel get better you should do some improvements:

  • Playlists are a valuable source of traffic on YouTube. For an efficient playlist-based cross-promotion strategy make sure to create genre-related/mood playlists, keep the genre-related playlists up to date, place the playlists on the artists’ channels across the network.
  • Header, cover, social media links and description should be always updated. Consistent and recognizable visual branding is essential for growing your YouTube following. Describe what your channel is about and be sure to put the links on your Instagram, Facebook and other important social network for people to follow you elsewhere.

You also should engage with your fans and to do that, here are some tips too:

  • Community posts can be a very effective way to engage with fans and to promote content. You can use community posts to promote polls, videos, playlists, pictures, posts and new releases. This tool has a strong influence on algorithms and helps the algorithm system to classify a channel as “active” even when it has not been posting videos frequently. 
  • YouTube Stories is available only for mobile (both for creators and users). You can use YouTube stories to interact and engage with the artist’s fanbase. This tool is handy also as part of a growth strategy plan. 
  • YouTube Premiere can be a very effective way to create buzz around a new release with a shareable watch page. Subscribers who opted for receiving notifications will receive a message 30 minutes before the start of a premiere. Also, all fans who accessed the page receive notifications once the premiere starts. 
  • YouTube Live Streams are a powerful tool for artists to interact with their fans. Especially after the pandemics, this format gained popularity and became part of many release campaigns and also as an alternative of virtual concerts reaching audience in different parts of the world.

Important information about YouTube Channel For Artiste:

  • Based on algorithms, YouTube has its own ranking updated often with the most popular tracks executed across the platform. YT Top Charts is a relevant parameter to show the performance of a song or videoclip.
  • Official Artist’s Channels were unified with all original content of the artist on the platform, with all albums and videoclips. This fusion was used as a base for YT Music, its streaming platform which brings all audio and videos produced by the artist on an unique profile.
  • The sections Music Videos and Albums are created automatically once a channel becomes OAC (Official Artist’s Channel). It is not possible to edit them. Important remark that these adjustments happen only when an error occurs.

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