Windows 11 has a different look than Windows 10 thanks to the rounded corners and subtle transparency effects. If you want Google Chrome to match this new design language, you can enable it right now. We’ll show you how.

Google Chrome 96, released in November 2021, includes an experimental Windows 11 mode that brings some of the new design cues to the browser. It’s still a work in progress, but even the current state fits right in with other apps designed for Windows 11.

To enable this new design, we’ll be using a feature flag. Open the Chrome browser on your computer. Type chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter.

Next, search for “Windows 11” and enable the flags that come up.

After enabling the flags, select the blue “Relaunch” button to apply the changes.

There you go! A little more Windows 11 goodness in your browser windows.

Keep in mind that this is still very much a work in progress. If you experience any problems after enabling the flag, simply go back and disable it. Eventually, this will work its way to a stable feature in Chrome on Windows 11 and beyond.


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