Sony’s just announced that the PlayStation exclusive God of War is coming to Steam and the Epic Game Store, and it looks like it’ll embrace the power of gaming PC hardware. While Kratos’ Nordic adventure isn’t the first PS4 game to release on PC, it could set a new standard for what to expect from Sony’s newly acquired port specialist, Nixxes.

According to Sony’s announcement post on the PlayStation Blog, God of War’s PC port will feature “true” 4K resolution support and unlocked frame rates, providing your rig can handle churning out both. While we’ll need to wait a little longer for the game’s official graphics card, RAM, and gaming CPU requirements, we do know that you’ll need to free up 80GB of space on your gaming SSD.The PC version of Sony Santa Monica’s epic tale also comes with a whole host of graphical options and pre-sets, including improved screen-space reflections, higher resolution shadows, and ambient occlusion enhancements like GTAO and SSDO. Better still, God of War for PC also comes with Nvidia DLSS, meaning Nvidia RTX GPUs can benefit from the AI’s ability to facilitate higher resolutions, while still maintaining decent frame rates. The game will also support Nvidia’s Reflex low latency tech, which should help Kratos’ axe strike true.

God Of War Appropriate PC Spec

In addition to the below settings, your PC will need DirectX 12 support and an updated version of Windows 10.

Minimum and Recommended Specs to Play God of war

Hopefully, God of War’s unannounced recommended system requirements won’t wage war on lower-spec gaming PC.

While it sounds like the PlayStation port is going to be a looker, AI tools like Nvidia DLSS should help slightly older rigs run the game with substantial settings enabled.

The game also includes support for Sony’s DualSense controller, meaning you potentially won’t miss out on the experience provided on the PlayStation 5.

Can you run God of War? Chances are if you can run Death Stranding or other PlayStation PC ports, then you should be able to with PCGameBenchmark’s hardware expectations.

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