Best music streaming apps and prices in Nigeria

Find out the best music streaming apps and prices in Nigeria. There’s a wide range of streaming services to choose from, with those such as Amazon, Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, Audiomack, etc.

Many streaming services let you listen for free, most times they come with ads, and to take that out you will need to pay for a subscription plan. There’s a wide range of streaming services to choose from offering unlimited access to vast catalogs of music, which can be streamed over the internet or a mobile network or downloaded directly to your device for offline listening.

So how much can you expect to pay? Most services offer new users limited free music apps (supported by adverts with limited playback options) or free trials of up to three months, but in the main, you pay a set monthly subscription fee.

What is the number 1 music streaming app in Nigeria? Spotify is a pioneer in music streaming and is arguably the best-known service. It offers a number of curated music discovery services, including its Discover Weekly playlist, and is constantly implementing new ones, such as Stations.

What is the highest-paying music platform for artists? On average, Amazon Music shells out roughly $0.00402 per stream on the platform to the owners of the recording. At nearly one full cent, this is among the highest royalty payments for music streaming services globally.

Streaming music is the most convenient way to listen to your favorite songs. Listening to music has evolved from using mp3 players, CDs, and even iPods to accessing millions of songs using streaming apps for a small fee or nothing at all.

Below we mention some of the best music streaming apps to download now and their subscription fees in Nigeria:


Spotify is the first on our list of the top best music streaming apps in Nigeria, It remains one of the most popular and accessible ways to get your music. Not only does it offer decent 320Kbps quality, but it also offers a huge library of over 40 million songs. These tools have made it one of the most well-rounded streaming services out there. With a free Spotify account, you can play any artist, album, or playlist for free. 

How much is a Spotify subscription in Nigeria? Spotify’s standard Premium monthly subscription goes for 900 Naira in Nigeria, the Premium Family plan goes for 1,400 Naira for up to 6 family members, while the Student plan is as low as 450 Naira. Spotify’s availability in Nigeria in 2021 has made its services quite affordable compared to before.

Apple Music

Apple Music exploded onto the scene in late 2015 and it has quickly become one of the best music streaming apps out there. The Apple Music streaming service is an excellent choice If you’ve invested heavily in Apple devices.  It features 30 million songs along with playlists, and a 24/7 live radio, and you can upload your music and stream it to your device. There is also a social component where you can follow artists and see what they’re up to.

How much is an Apple Music subscription in Nigeria? Apple offers new customers a 3-month free trial after that the free trial is over you can go for the following; Apple Music student plan which is the lowest and goes for 450 Naira monthly, Individual subscription for 900 Naira monthly, and the Apple Music subscription Family plan that allows you add up to 6 people to your account for 1,400 Naira in Nigeria.


Also on our top 5 best music streaming apps, we have Audiomack, a music streaming and audio distribution platform that allows artists to upload music and podcasts to listeners across its mobile apps and site. Also, Audiomack also expanded its operations in Africa by opening a new office in Lagos, Nigeria. Audiomack streaming data has also been included in some Billboard charts, including the Hot 100, the Billboard 200, and the Global 200.

How much is an Audiomack subscription in Nigeria? Audiomack is mostly free, but they offer a subscription option to upgrade to Audiomack premium which removes all ads and gives you high-quality streaming for a price of 500 Naira in Nigeria.


Tidal offers a wide selection of music beyond its most eye-catching urban names. Besides CD-quality streams, with the HiFi package, you can access millions of hi-res audio tracks, which are typically 24-bit/96kHz but do go up to 24-bit/192kHz. Called ‘Tidal Masters’, the music files are encoded using MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) tech, which allows for more efficient packing of the hi-res data.

How much is a Tidal subscription in Nigeria? Tidal partnership in Nigeria offers music at affordable rates. Plans are as short as three days’ access, which costs 120 Naira, and a month’s Tidal access is 800 Naira. Tidal subscriptions can be bundled with MTN mobile data purchases for monthly access with data is 1,200 Naira in Nigeria.


Boomplay is among the top music streaming and download services in Africa, the platform gives you unlimited access to a lot of songs. The company’s vision is to build the largest and most reliable digital music ecosystem for artists and content creators in Africa.

How much is a Boomplay subscription in Nigeria? Boomplay has a subscription and freemium-based service; basic features are free with limitations or ads, while features such as ad-free listening and download for offline play are offered in paid subscriptions. The Boomplay Music Premium costs 500 Naira monthly in Nigeria.


Deezer offers the usual array of features, including playlists, stations, recommendations, and Flow, a personal soundtrack feature. It also boasts 43 million songs in more countries than many competitors. The immersive format is a bit like Dolby Atmos, but specifically for streaming music.

How much is a Deezer subscription in Nigeria? Deezer now allows payments in Naira for Nigerian subscribers, The music platform now charges 900 Naira for Deezer Premium, 1,400 Naira for Deezer HiFi, and 1,400 Naira for Deezer Family Plan in Nigeria.


SoundCloud is another extremely popular music streaming service. It’s useful for indie creators all over the world. Tons of people upload their stuff to SoundCloud for the pleasure of others. SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud’s on-demand service, adds tens of millions of popular tracks to the mix. 

How much is a SoundCloud subscription in Nigeria? The SoundCloud Pro unlimited costs €8.25/month.

Amazon Music Unlimited

At £9.99 per month, Amazon Music Unlimited’s pricing is competitive with our top picks for streaming services. And if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, this drops to just £8, completely undercutting the rest of the field. What’s more, Amazon is now including its Amazon Music HD library as part of Amazon Music Unlimited at no extra cost. Featuring 70 million tracks with a CD-quality bitrate of 16 bit/44.1kHz plus millions more in 24bit and up to 192kHz, we gave it five stars under intense review back when it incurred an extra £5 charge.

Music Unlimited is compatible with smartphones and tablets via its Android and iOS apps and PCs and Macs via its web player or desktop app. Fire tablets and TVs are also compatible while some in-car systems and audio products (including Amazon Echo and Sonos speakers) also support the service.

Notably, Amazon Music Unlimited listeners can now stream music mixed in spatial audio on iOS and Android devices with their existing headphones – no special equipment required – as well as on select devices that support Alexa Cast.

For Prime subscribers looking to take advantage of the reduced subscription cost and the added CD-quality and hi-res tiers provided by Amazon Music HD, Music Unlimited makes a lot of sense and is certainly a tempting alternative to more premium services.

YouTube Music

The service rather underwhelmed us at launch, but YouTube Music is now starting to look like it’s ready for the challenge. The user interface is solid, and the search function is terrific, turning up long-lost musical gems through its video vaults. The problem is that the competition’s quality remains an issue: Spotify and Apple Music are the mass market titans to tackle, and both already offer five-star services.

There are a few good reasons to choose YouTube Music, though. The free tier is easy to use and supported by ads but, for £10 per month, you can sign up for YouTube Music Premium, which is ad-free and allows downloads for offline listening too. (Students can get it for just £5).

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