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MediaTek and Xiaomi Partner to Unleash Dimensity 8200-Ultra

Leading semiconductor company MediaTek has collaborated with Xiaomi to introduce the highly anticipated Dimensity 8200-Ultra mobile platform. This partnership aims to deliver a high-performance chip that excels in imaging capabilities, meeting the demands of smartphone users. Xiaomi’s official Weibo account confirmed that the upcoming Xiaomi Civi 3 will be the first smartphone to showcase the Dimensity 8200-Ultra’s potential.

Unveiling the Dimensity 8200-Ultra:

Fabricated on TSMC’s cutting-edge 4nm process, the Dimensity 8200-Ultra sets new performance benchmarks. With 4 Cortex A78 cores and 4 Cortex A55 cores, this powerful chipset achieves an outstanding Antutu benchmark score exceeding 900,000 points. Expect a seamless and responsive smartphone experience driven by MediaTek’s advanced technology and Xiaomi’s optimization.

Optimized Imaging Capabilities:

The collaboration between MediaTek and Xiaomi optimizes the Dimensity 8200-Ultra’s imaging capabilities. Xiaomi’s expertise in algorithms and imaging technology, combined with MediaTek’s experience, creates a synergistic partnership. Leveraging the Dimensity open architecture, Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain integrates seamlessly into the mobile platform. Powered by advanced algorithms, Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain is recognized for achievements in portrait photography, snapshot capturing, and night scenes. To ensure compatibility and efficiency, Xiaomi developed a cross-platform intermediate layer, simplifying future updates.

Operator Implementation Acceleration:

MediaTek and Xiaomi focus on operator implementation acceleration. Over 30 operators of Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain have been enhanced and optimized for the Dimensity 8200-Ultra. This optimization enables Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain to fully leverage the chip’s capabilities, resulting in exceptional image processing effects, improved performance, and enhanced power efficiency. The integration of Xiaomi’s Imaging Brain framework brings 38 imaging functions to the Dimensity mobile platform for the first time, offering optimized speed and power consumption. Users can expect a notable 235% increase in burst speed, delivering an unparalleled photography experience.

The Promise of Xiaomi Civi 3:

Chen Junhong, Vice General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Business Unit, expresses excitement about the forthcoming Xiaomi Civi 3. This smartphone is expected to astonish consumers with its sleek design, impressive performance, and exceptional imaging capabilities. Collaborating with global smartphone brands like Xiaomi enables MediaTek to unlock the full potential of its Dimensity platform and deliver extraordinary user experiences tailored to specific market segments.


The collaboration between MediaTek and Xiaomi marks a significant milestone in the mobile industry as the Dimensity 8200-Ultra showcases groundbreaking imaging capabilities. Through their combined expertise, MediaTek and Xiaomi optimize the mobile platform for unparalleled performance, speed, and power efficiency. With the Xiaomi Civi 3 set to debut this exceptional chip, smartphone users can look forward to capturing stunning photographs and enjoying a seamless smartphone experience.