No Nigerian takes it as fresh news that using PayPal to send and receive money in this country is very tough, knowing that PayPal initiated the limitation of their services for Nigerians.

Due to this, we have taken some time to look at ways by which we can use PayPal as Nigerians to collect payment from online platforms or to receive earnings from clients or to receive money from friends, families, and loved ones abroad.

Follow These Simple Steps Below To Open A UAE Verified PayPal Account:

1. Open your browser on any available device, go to and click on the Sign-Up.

2. Select the Business Account and tap Continue.

3. On the next page, kindly leave the country to the United Arab Emirates.

4. Once done, put your email address. (Do not use the email attached to other PayPal account, or simply create a fresh email account).

5. On the next page, you are to fill your information, kindly fill it correctly as instructed. See screenshot below of how I did mine:

Phone number: Change the country code +234 which is for Nigeria and enter your Nigeria number by removing the first 0. For example, +234 706470****.

Postal code: 18004

Additional information: Abu HailCity: Abu

6. They will ask you to tell them about your business, you can choose Individual/Sole Proprietorship and on the business subcategory, select anyone that matches your business and click Continue.

7. On the next page, choose National ID or Driver’s license, Passport, and provide your ID number, or you can generate fake ID on Google (If you don’t have any). Then, enter your real date of birth.

8. You have successfully created your UAE PayPal account.

9. Verify your PayPal email address by going to your email inbox and follow the link PayPal sent to you to confirm verification.

Now, you are done with the sign-up process. You can start accepting payments from around the world!

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