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AMD Unveils New Ryzen 7020 C Series Chipsets for Chromebooks

Discover AMD’s latest Ryzen 7020 C series chipsets for Chromebooks, featuring powerful performance cores, integrated RDNA 2 graphics, and improved battery life. Learn about the Ryzen 5 7520C, Ryzen 3 7320C, Athlon Gold 7220C, and Athlon Silver 7120C chipsets based on the Zen 2 architecture. Find out how these rebranded chipsets offer enhanced performance for Chromebooks and their compatibility with LPDDR5 RAM, Wi-Fi 6, and multiple 4K displays. Get insights into Dell and Asus Chromebooks set to feature these chipsets in Q2 2023.

AMD recently made an exciting announcement about its latest offering for Chromebooks: the Ryzen 7020 C series chipsets. Consisting of four chips – the Ryzen 5 7520C, Ryzen 3 7320C, Athlon Gold 7220C, and Athlon Silver 7120C – these chipsets are based on the Zen 2 architecture and feature integrated RDNA 2 graphics. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Details of the AMD Ryzen 7020 C Chips

While AMD labels these new Chromebook processors as “new,” they are actually built on the Zen 2 architecture introduced in 2019. They also incorporate RDNA 2 integrated graphics, which debuted in 2020. Both the Ryzen series and Athlon series chipsets are fabricated using the efficient 6nm process.

The Ryzen 5 7520C and Ryzen 3 7320C chips offer impressive speeds of up to 4.3GHz. They feature 4 performance cores and 8 threads, a thermal design power (TDP) of 15W, 6MB of cache, and Radeon 610M integrated graphics. Notably, the Ryzen 3 7320C chipset boasts a 1.6 times higher average performance. On the other hand, the Athlon Silver 7120C and Athlon Gold 7220C chips provide 2 performance cores with up to 4 threads, a 15W TDP, 5MB of cache, and support a boost frequency of up to 3.7GHz. Both these chipsets are equipped with Radeon 610M integrated graphics. The Athlon Silver 7120C processor is anticipated to deliver a 1.8 times higher average performance.

It’s worth mentioning that the 7020 C series for Chromebooks is essentially a rebranded version of the 7020 series chipsets designed for low-power Windows laptops, which were unveiled last year. However, these new chipsets are expected to deliver superior performance and improved battery life compared to their predecessors.

In terms of battery performance, the Ryzen series chips are capable of delivering up to 19.5 hours of usage, while the Athlon series chips can provide a commendable 17 hours. All four chipsets support LPDDR5 RAM, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth version 5.2, and can connect to up to three external 4K displays.

AMD has confirmed that Dell and Asus Chromebooks will be the first to feature these chipsets, with availability expected from the second quarter of 2023. Unfortunately, we currently have no information regarding specific devices that will incorporate these processors.